Summer Camp 2018

Summer Camp

A week-long global affairs communication program to learn the necessary skills to effectively engage on United Nations development topics.
Join us to become a more impactful global citizen!

1) Learn How to Capture Facts from Press Briefings and Interviews of Professionals, Diplomats, and Experts

The Summer Camp exposes students to the real life decision-making environment that shapes world affairs. Students experience the UN, Committee Sessions, Press briefings, UN Mission updates on implementing UN agenda items.  All critical for students to fully develop an understanding of global cooperation for UN objectives. Students visit Tv, radio and podcast studios to understand how the news is captured, processed and reported, including the criteria for selecting news stories and media choices.

2) Deliver Reports on Key UN Sustainable Development Goals Student and Implementation Challenges, Based Upon your Research

Students work in teams to deliver a multi-media report on selected UN Sustainable Development Goals. They research the content, gather clips and interviews, craft their script, record their video, and jointly critique each others work under the guidance of professional journalists. The work begins before the summer camp with the research and crafting of key messages and then is culminated in the team work over the course of the week in NYC.

Students cover all the different roles for the production of their report, including: Photographer/Videographer, Editor, Script writer, Production Manager, Producer/Director. Students from different international backgrounds cooperate on the creation of their project report, providing them the opportunity to assess international progress on the UN sustainable development goals objectives and provide their assessment of key challenges and opportunities.

3) Leverage Multi-media to Optimize Understanding and Power of their Messages

By learning from professional journalists and technicians, students have the opportunity to use images, audio and video to best convey their message, to deliver facts and convey subtleties. These skills will support their academic and professional lives moving forward.

4) Build Deep Understanding of Communication, Professional Journalism Skills and Tools to Enable Students to Effectively Articulate their Messages

Taught by professional journalists and experts, students obtain important academic training to deliver their thoughts and ideas in a professional and structured manner.

Students learn by doing:

Your students work on their background preparation for the Academy Summer Camp during the academic year, to ensure their summer experience will impactful while on campus.

On-Site Professional Development Training

Teachers bringing students to the camp are provided 5 professional development seminars on multi-media and the news (at no cost).

But wait, there’s more…

The Summer Camp opens doors for students to use their voice through

a) Join our dedicated student reporting platform to present, debate and analyze current global affairs
b) Become a contributor and provide your voice, through direct reporting of relevant events and comments on global developments
c) Create an extra-curricular student Broadcast Club using our guidelines to report local developments and projects
d) Receive mentoring to develop your first articles (after participating in the summer camp)

Participation Costs:

• Summer Camp Program for students $2500 with early bird pricing, includes campus at Columbia University, housing, meals, (excluding transport to NYC)

3 sessions offered for the Summer of 2018:
• July 15-July 21
• July 22- July 28
• July 29-August 4

• Summer Camp Program for teachers: bring 5 students to the Summer Camp and receive FREE professional development training on multi-media

Don’t wait until the summer, join us for our Newsroom in the Classroom program during the academic year