Registration Information

Registration Deadlines Tuition

Early bird registration fee per participant is $2500 (Until 1st of April, 2018)

Late registration is $2750 (Until 1st of June, 2018) 

Last chance registration is $2950 (Until 1st of July, 2018)

*Day Students will save $500  (i.e. those that don’t need housing)


Upon confirmation of academy acceptance, non-refundable deposit of $1000 (within 3 business days)

Full payment due by 1st of June 2018

Price depends upon registration date

Your academy tuition includes

  • All meals
  • Transportation to and from the Airport is included
  • UN Missions is included
  • Evening social events, including the comedy night

Registration fee does not include airfare

Fees are not refundable

Fundraising Ideas

1) Many students have success raising money for opportunities by creating a Go Fund Me page. You can write passionately, make a fun video, or even sing a song about how excited you are to attend the UnReporter Academy, and then send your Go Fund Me page to family, friends, neighbours, teachers, and anyone else who might chip in to help you achieve your goals.

2) In practising for your time at the Academy, prepare a statement or press release and then contact local newspapers, news stations, politicians’ offices, or other related groups and tell them about the experience that you are going to be embarking upon. Explain why your participation in this program will benefit your local community and ask them for their support. They might offer a scholarship, or help direct you to a source for a related opportunity.

3) Get creative and enjoy yourself! The internet is full of both classic and innovative fundraising ideas. The ideas on Pinterest are seemingly endless. The greater the number of students working together to raise funds, the more fun they’ll have to do it, so register for the Academy with a group and let games begin!

Visa Information

Be sure to include the following information for each of the registered participants in your email request.

Please check with your country’s State Department or the consulate to see the regulations about visas. They will provide information about how to obtain a visa if it is required.

A letter of invitation can be issued by UnReporter upon request. 

  • Full name as shown on their passport;
  • Passport number;
  • Date of birth;
  • Issue and expiration dates of their passports; and
  •  Their status at the conference, i.e. Student Delegate, Teacher Coordinator, Parent Chaperone.

Be sure to include in your email request the following information for each of the registered participants:

Requirements and Expectations

Whether it’s your first time overseas, or you are commuting to the Academy each day on the NYC subway, you will surely have questions. We are here to address any thoughts or questions leading up to and throughout your experience so that you feel at home in one of the world’s most dynamic cities, and finish your week at the Academy having accomplished everything you hoped to– and more! Here are the basics to help you start your planning:

Media Gear:

  • Smartphone (iPhone or Android are both acceptable)
  • Notebook, pens, pencils
  • Headphones
  • Photo ID
  • Laptop computer

What Not to Bring:

  • Alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs
  • Drug paraphernalia of any kind
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Tobacco products, electronic cigarettes, hookahs, matches, or lighters
  •  Candles, incense, or fireworks
  • Pets of any kind
  • Irreplaceable valuables

Overnight Essentials:

  • Six days worth of smart-casual clothing
  • Jacket/sweater
  • Pajamas and personal garments
  • Comfortable shoes for walking around New York City
  • Raincoat or umbrella
  • Health Insurance Card
  • Spending money (for souvenirs, forgotten personal items, etc…)
  • Towel
  • Shower sandals
  • Personal health/grooming supplies
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Backpack/book bag

Daily Dining:

Academy students will take their meals at Columbia University’s cafeteria throughout the week, with occasional off-campus, signature New York City culinary experiences. All dietary needs will be accommodated as long as the Academy is alerted of your needs upon registration.

Dressing for Your Role:

UnReporter Academy students should look well-groomed and professional for the duration of the program, but formal business attire is not necessary on a daily basis. Nice denim jeans are acceptable most days, but consider khakis. Collared and/or buttoned-up shirts look sharp on both ladies and gents. Do be sure to pack one business outfit (with a jacket) for more formal activities: you never know who you might be interviewing!

Equal Opportunity and Respect for All

Every individual associated with the Academy– from student to staff– is required to to abide by the United Nations nondiscrimination policy:
The principles of equality and non-discrimination are part of the foundations of the rule of law. As Member States noted in the Declaration of the High-Level Meeting on the Rule of Law, “all persons, institutions and entities, public and private, including the State itself, are accountable to just, fair and equitable laws and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law”. They also dedicated themselves to respect the equal rights of all without distinction as to race, sex, language or religion.

Student Expectations

We strive to maintain a safe, positive environment for all participants, so the practice of respect and integrity by all Academy students each and every day is paramount. Students engaging in disrespectful or prohibited behaviours will be addressed by an Academy staff member immediately to assess the offence. If the offence is deemed severe, and/or the student continues to misbehave, further action, including removal from the Academy without refund, may result.