Overview of the Academy

Journalism, Your Voice
& the United Nations

Our mission is to help students harness their passion, gather their thoughts and crystallize their vision on global issues.
Join us to help your students (ages 10-18) speak up, get answers and effect change!

1) Build Critical Analysis and Media Awareness Skills through our Newsroom in the Classroom program:

a) Learn how to interpret the media
b) Drill down on what is being said (and what is not being said)
c) Assess the objectivity of information and the many faces of bias
d) Understand the role of media choices in drawing conclusions
e) Acquire key elements of written, audio and video broadcasting

2) Develop and Hone Your Student’s Voices through our Unreporter Academy’s 7 day Summer Camp at Columbia University program, where they will:

a) Learn how to capture facts from press briefings and interviews of professionals, diplomats, and experts
b) Deliver reports on key UN sustainable development goals and implementation challenges, based upon your research
c) Leverage multi-media to optimize understanding and power of their messages

3) Publish Student Voices through UnReporter, where they can:

a) Join our dedicated student reporting platform to present, debate and analyze current global affairs.
b) Become a contributor and provide their voice, through publishing or video reporting on relevant events or comments on global developments.
c) Create an extra-curricular student Broadcast Club using our guidelines to report local developments and projects
d) Benefit from our mentoring program if they participate in our Summer Camp Program to develop their first Unreporter articles.

FOR Teachers

UnReporter offers you an exciting variety of advocacy tools and webinars to help educators steer their students to a wider world-view and prepare them to take their place as leaders in their community and the world. Our Newsroom in the Classroom 2-day professional development courses cover all aspects of communication, framed by the issues confronting the world, both during the academic year and during summer camp with daily seminars.

  • Use our materials to create discussions on current events and media awareness skills, without requiring major curriculum revisions throughout the academic year
  • Build your skills to deliver up-to-date debate and critical analysis within the classroom
  • Bring students to the Columbia Summer Camp: see them build their reporting skills while obtaining free daily professional development seminars

FOR Students

UnReporter offers student-only workshops during the school year as part of the Newsroom in the Classroom program, as well as our week-long Summer Camp program. Your students will build their team project on a UN Sustainable Development Goal’s progress, by:

  • Learning media and reporting skills from professional journalists and experts
  • Engaging directly with UN professionals, UN mission staff, newsroom journalists, and top-level foreign service officers
  • Earning important references for college applications

We offer two different tracks for students (ages 10-12; ages 13-18).

Let’s make sure YOUR STUDENTS’ voices are heard!


UnReporter’s Network is a collaboration of Montessori Model UN and supporting members of the UN Press Corp, and the UN community. Our goal is to serve as a platform and resource for everyone that is interested in the work of the United Nations and Global Affairs.