Newsroom In The Classroom

in the Classroom

Our academic year program fosters critical thinking and media awareness skills for students ages 10-18.
Learn to uncover the trade secrets for interpreting and critically analyzing current events.

1) Back to Basics: Critical News Analysis Workshop

Taught by accomplished journalists and presenters, this workshop focuses on how to interpret the news, critical analysis on what is said and not said, sharpen communication and reporting skills, as well as developing commentary on current events.

Workshop includes:
a. Critical Analysis – interpreting the media, distinguishing fact and opinion and recognizing media bias
b. Communication – key messaging, written, audio and video fundamentals as well as the role of images in communication
c. Critiquing News – assessing content, presentation, and chosen media usage
d. Production of 2-minute video pitch on a news topic of choice under the coaching of professional journalists

This workshop is offered in two versions:

  • for teachers (as a professional development course) so that they can lead students in the classroom in their critical analysis of professional journalism and paves the groundwork for students to better express themselves on international affairs
  • for students so they can understand the trade of professional journalism and how to interpret the news produced, directly from professional journalists and reporters

2) Weekly Curated Newsfeeds and Classroom Study Guides

The program offers participating schools a subscription to a weekly international newsfeed ( as well as a classroom study guide to lead student discussion on current events review of global news articles and the news media usage for reporting on these events. The newsfeed includes a summary of global events and their impact on the states of the UN and their Sustainable Development Goals. This resource provides weekly global affairs wrap-ups, UN developments, and the educational classroom guides to aid student discussion on the content and the voice used to deliver the messaging.

3) UnReporter Global Discussion Forum

Students participate in the UnReporter platform ( where they are invited to engage with and create articles pertaining to global affairs. This is a practical means of advancing their worldly insight and reporting.

4) Broadcast Clubs

The Academy can assist in the development of global affairs discussion groups to extend the conversation and cause beyond the classroom. Academy approved groups can create reporting content to be delivered to and published by the UnReporter site.

Targeting Teachers & Students

The Newsroom in the Classroom program is built upon the premise that the classroom is where ideas are assessed, tested and developed and where the future of youth lays.
Teachers have the power to affect change in terms of developing guidance and involvement of its students. In partnering with the Academy, teachers engage in a professional development workshop with accompanying weekly study guide activities to enable their students to become meaningfully involved within the global arena. This involvement enables teachers to leverage UnReporter tools without disrupting their year-long curriculum.

Your students, their voice, OUR world!

Two day student workshops are also offered so that students can engage with professional journalists as they uncover the trade secrets for interpreting and critically analysing current affairs.

Participation Costs:

  • Newsroom in the Classroom Teacher Training Program – $300 per teacher (minimum 30 participants in each workshop, dates and location subject to Academy staff availability). Calendar planned for Aca demic Year 2017-2018, upcoming dates include:
    • NYC, USA: 21st -22nd of October 2018
    • Rome, Italy: 28th -29th of October 2018
  • Newsroom Newsfeed Subscription – $300 (weekly newsroom content and lesson plan delivered from August 21st 2017 to May 31st 2018).

But wait, there’s more…

The Academy also offers a summer camp program, held in New York City at Columbia University. During this intensive week-long program, students from around the world join together to create a team multi-media report on a selected Sustainable Development Goal. With exposure to the UN briefings, missions and journalists, students get hands on experience with crafting professional reporting and leveraging different media. Students work together in groups to deliver a team reporting project, ranging from script development to podcast recording, and video production. The Academy also provides additional live workshops and webinar support on an ad hoc basis.